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    I am about to switch from Sprint (unlimited data) to Verizon (tiered data charges). I am trying to get a rough estimate of my data usage on Sprint so I can choose the appropriate data tier on Verizon.

    I am not a heavy-weight data user, but was shocked to see that Sprint reports I am using well above 300 MB per month. I turned off automatic email pulls, and did not manually pull for a whole day, but still used about 8 MB. I did not search any web. I did not go on Facebook. I used Angry Birds for maybe 10 minutes, but I don't see why it should use up MB.

    The only thing that I can imagine might be causing it is my daily backups. Is there anyplace online that I can find out how much is being used for that?

    Is there anything else that I may be missing that would use large chunks of data?

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    As a test, disable the following
    - backups
    - gps
    - any rss readers/package tracking/flights/weather apps
    - angry birds (it does access the internet for tracking purposes)
    - any apps that has ads being displayed

    Otherwise, yeah, 8mb seems a bit high for not doing anything.

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