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    So yeah, after about a hundred broken downloads, got the chroot installed, then after many apt-get installs, apt-get -f installs, and apt-get -f autoremoves, I've got LXDE up and running at full force. BUT it kind of sucks on my Pre. My question is, are there any better suited desktop environments for the Pre touchscreen? LXDE runs, but is almost unusable due to the lack of a real mouse. Anyone tried Unity 2d yet? I guess that's my next stop here, it looks more smartphone-friendly to me judging by the pics I've seen. A touchscreen friendly Blackbox would be the best, I'm thinking, since it uses much less resources than most DE's.
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    And another thing.. Is there a way to scale down the resolution to match the Pre resolution? Meaning the desktop environment, that way software (such as Chromium) runs at the Pre res instead of the webpage being 4x the screen making me have to try and scroll all over the place

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