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    I bought a Pre+ on ebay that was unlocked and ready for a SIM card. I use T-mobile prepaid. All is well for me.

    I decided to get a Pre+ on ebay for both of my daughters too. The first one arrived and was brand new, never turned on. It displayed the graphics to insert a SIM card. Done (T-mobile). Then it asked for an unlock code. Uh-oh! I called ATT and requested an unlock code. They said they would research the IMEI number (to be sure it was not on contract) and get back to me by 9/14.

    Playing with the phone, I got to a screen that also asked for me to setup a profile. This required the phone to connect to ATT, which it can't. I only have wi-fi, no data plans, not even on T-mobile.

    Assuming I get an unlock code from ATT and get past that hurdle, how do I bypass the "activation" and the need to create a palm profile? If I use the developer mode utility on palm's website I will lose the app catalog too-not good. Is there a clean way to free this phone from the cluthches of ATT?

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