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    It seems so many are going away from it. Besides new inductees via the Touchpad, very few people are buying into webOS.

    Well, I wanted to go against the flow and say I've been rediscovering my love for webOS and after 2 years without one, have acquired a Sprint Pre. Not a plus, not a Pre 2 (though I would certainly like to have one...and of course I lust after the Pre 3). But quite a capable device still, especially after I installed Preware and Uberkernel.

    It's not active, since I don't have Sprint (I didn't have much luck with Sprint coverage/speed when I tried the Pre in 2009), but I'm using it on wifi and loving the still-unmatched multitasking and notifications. I believe the homebrew community here on webOS has done some amazing stuff with this phone and I look forward to diggin in and maybe doing some of my own homebrew stuff if I find the time.

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