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    If you were nearly 5 GB of music files where would you be?

    After trying to connect my Pre + to an Android device (won't do that again), my phone got stuck at the steady Palm logo, I had to doctor, and my music folder has disappeared. However, it is very clear the files are still on the phone, in some garbage dump folder or something, because the memory is almost full.

    I did have to go through the first use setup, but I lost almost nothing except homebrew, custom autocorrects, and my music folder. But like I said, the phone is still stuffed, so where is it?

    Interestingly, two songs suddenly popped up in Music Player (Remix) after I had it installed for a while. But where are the others? I've tried putting the phone in USB drive mode and searching with my computer, and I've been using InternalzPro to search each folder.

    So my question is, since I want to get my music playing again, but I can't fit anything else on the phone, should I restore it back to factory state and start over from scratch, or is there a way to find the missing files?

    Thank you so much for any advice!
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    So it's not only that your songs don't show up in music players, but you can't even find the files?! Never heard about this one... What about pictures?

    If you resort to something drastic-y don't start with a doctor. Instead, go to

    Device info--->Reset options--->Erase USB drive

    and see if you can reload songs then.

    I'd hold off on doing even that for now and wait for someone that knows more than I do to come along.
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    Yes, all pics & vids, some app data, my browser bookmarks, custom ringtones--they're still here.

    But no music.

    I might add that the offending Android device attempted to create its own folders and succeeded with at least one.

    Is it possible it could have renamed the folder? Very confusing.

    Thank you for your help. I'll keep my finger off the trigger for now.
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    Make sure you can view hidden folders. They are probably in the hidden folder /iPod_Control.

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    I have hidden files viewable, but I don't see that file.

    I think I will try Pschonaut's suggestion first and wipe out the USB drive. I suspect that will clear a lot of things up, but we'll see.

    Right now I have 1.5 GB free, and afterward I should have about 9 or more free.

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