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    Stay away from pixi. which carrier are you with? If Ver, go for Pre2. If ATT, Pre+ or Veer.
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    hey just got a touchpad and love webOS! Looking for a cheap webOS phone for art. Ebay has some but wanted to know benefits of each. Is thenpixi good?.. Pre? Advice please. I'm coming from windowsm7
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    pre2 and veer are the newest/best
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    pre2 and veer are the newest/best
    and the only options!
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    I got a touchpad, which is how I realized how sweet webos is! I have seen some palm pre plus' on ebay going for under $100, is that a good price? I currently use ATT and am using a windows 7 phone. should i stay or should i go?

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