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    Just activated a replacement pre plus this afternoon. Everything seemed to go fine except that none of my apps are appearing from my profile. I had to log in to my profile of course as part of activation. All accounts, contacts, calendar entries, came through, tasks, memos, but no non-standard apps. Do I have to do something to get those flowing back to my device?

    I did activate a touchpad last month and all the apps came through then, so I know they're out there.

    I didn't do anything to my old device prior to taking the battery out for use in the new device (well I did a backup this morning just to make sure everything was there in my profile). Is it not pushing apps down as I should have performed some additional step on my old device. I changed devices due to that longstanding keyboard issue that I couldn't take any longer.

    Thanks for any guidance. I am connected to wifi off and on and 3G when not on wifi of course.

    PS new keyboard is like butter!
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    Hi Lauren,
    I'm not an expert, although it seems the experts are quite involved with their new Touchpads at the moment. Our lowly Pre Pluses are definitely on the back burner.

    Like I said, I'm not an expert, but I wonder if logging in to your profile from your computer might give you a clue as to what the problem is. At the very least, you may find something on the hp website that could help, or you could talk to a upport person there.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but I wanted to at least bump your question back into play.
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    Hi there. Thank you for the bump. I did log into the profile to see if anything unusual was up. It showed the new pre plus and my touchpad. Old phone gone.

    I'm going to guess now that at the time I activated the new phone I was still technically logged into the profile on the old phone. I had merely turned it off and popped the battery. When I logged into the new phone I got an error message (something to do with a HEX # or MEID # and a request to call verizon). Whatever the verizon person did helped in terms of allowing me to move ahead with setting up my new pre plus. It did everything except push my apps down to me. I had to go to the app catalog and manually get all the apps I could remember. Later I turned on the old phone with a spare battery and was able to see other apps I needed to go get. As soon as I turned wifi on with the old phone it knew I was logged into my profile under two phones and that was all she wrote for the old phone, I had the option to turn the phone off or to erase all data I chose erase Sent the old phone back today. Hope that erase really did clear all my data.

    I'm sure this is way more then you wanted to know, but it all boils down to I didn't get any instructions from VZW on how to activate the new phone after first doing x,y, z with the old phone. I'm no expert either but I suspect it had something to do with two phones logged into my profile at once. I could be off, but since the new phone is working fine, I've managed to get about 95% of my apps back through the catalog (some are mysteriously gone), I'm going to let it go as an unsolved mystery.

    Again thanks for reaching out with something to try. VZW hasn't been able to answer either.

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