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    My daughter's Sprint Pre- screen cracked and only the very top portion is responsive. Thanks to the insurance coverage, Asurian had a replacement Pre- in my daughter's hands within 24 hours, and she quickly jumped to activate it. Thanks to the Palm Profile, plus having all of her stuff on Gmail, the phone is almost like the old one.

    Problem: There's some data we want to get off the old phone. Because the profile has been transferred to the new phone, when the OLD PHONE is turned on, the screen displays a "Signed Out" message. The options are Just Restart or Erase All Data. Neither option is helpful.

    I'm cabled to the old phone, but OPT-SYM-U doesn't put it in USB drive mode. (However, using WebOS Quick Install, I was able to copy the database from /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 to my computer.)

    How could I get to the USB drive without switching the profile back to the old phone? Can I use WOSQI to download an entire folder?
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    Double check with the smart folx, but you should be able to put the new phone into airplane mode, log back into the old phone and get your info, and then log back out. You should be able to log into you palm profile on the palm/HP website to verify which phone is currently linked to your profile before taking it back out of airplane mode.
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    Wouldn't it just be simpler, to just create and log in with a new profile on the old phone. For, that would still give you access to the USB partition without effecting your daughter's new phone.
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    Actually, neither of the above options are possible because the screen is cracked and doesn't respond to any input. On a different thread, someone posted the link below, which worked perfectly and I was able to download the entire USB drive without attempting to use the touchscreen or logging in to the Palm Profile.

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