I access a Yahoo e-mail account with my Palm phones (a Pixi and a Pre, both VZW Pluses running on Page Plus, swapping the phone account between them) by browsing to it over a Wi-Fi connection.

Back when became available, I allowed the update to the Pixi. I immediately noticed, when visiting my Yahoo mail account, that a change had occurred. All the pages had a different look; on-screen buttons were in different places; most things were being rendered differently. Not to my liking. Switching back to the Pre (running v1.4.5), all was normal.

Afterward, this particular Pixi got swapped out by HP/Palm, for other service reasons; so it is gone, replaced by a refurbed unit which has not yet been "fired up."

The situation with updating the first Pixi has made me hesitant to allow the update on the Pre, as it is now my main phone, although the update is constantly prompting me now to allow it (everytime I connect the charger). If I'm not mistaken, the update was probably already downloaded to the phone, and is just waiting for the go-ahead to initiate the install.

Questions: What was I seeing with that Yahoo account? If I do allow the install to the Pre and this problem turns up again, is there a way to roll back to 1.4.5 (does this maybe have to do with running a partcular version of webOS Doctor)?

On a slightly different topic, being somewhat new to this, I have discovered Homebrew and recently used Preware to install the VKB patch. Then I read about needing to uninstall patches before running an OS update, but that this advice may have been superceded by some new development that allows you to not have to do this (maybe some utility).

What's the word on this? Granted I only have the things installed that allow me to run VKB, but plan on adding a lot more. So it'd be good to know the true way, grasshoppa.

Any advice would be most welcome.