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    I realize MANY others have asked about this. However, I have yet to find an answer for my exact situation. All help is appreciated!!!!
    I have a Palm Pre Plus with Verizon . The screen is cracked and does not respond to ANY touch. I have been able to get into USB mode via gray+Sym+u to get pictures, ringtones, etc. However I cannot get to my contacts. I understand that they are in the .temp folder. However, it is 'grayed out' and I cannot access it. I thought everything was being automatically backed up with Verizon but that does not seem to be the case. I tried going using the Palm Desktop software, xillsoft's phone manager, and HP's site. All to no avail. I am DESPERATE... I am a salesman with hundreds of contacts on this phone. If I can't retrieve the information, I am done.... PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Are all of your contacts synced with the likes of Facebook or somthing like that??
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    Which profile was used to save the contacts?

    Any contact info saved as the Palm Profile, the only way to possibly retrieve the data is to use the USB port and find the file on the device. I can't help on where to find it.

    If your contacts were saved to a "cloud" profile, (like Google, Yahoo, etc) the data should be available on the webpage of that service.
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