Well, the combined effects of a USB crack creating dead-zones, an emerging Oreo issue and loss of sound have me replacing my Pre again. Hopefully I'll get a reasonably decent model.

Usually the guys at my Sprint store are pretty up-beat, and tend to be techies themselves, but I got a surly fellow who was noticeably annoyed I was replacing it with another Pre instead of one of their awesome iRobots.

Reminds me a little of when I finally had to replace my Rendition 2100 with an nVidia card.

It was a good run - I kinda wish I could find a Pre2 reasonably cheap so I could get a Franken-Pre. But the rise of mediocrity and bad management once again killed off the superior platform.

Spent some time browsing the iRobots. I could live with one, I guess. Guess I'll have to.

At least my Facebook pal who's a big Android advocate didn't lord it over me. He's pretty clever, and when I finally have to make the leap, he'll be a good resource for picking out a phone and learning how to hack it.