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    Ok, so this past week has made me remember how much I liked using webOS, and I have since fired up my old pre and doctored on 2.1 to it. It has also sadly reminded me of why I left too...shocking battery life.

    Using my Pre again for the past three days I barely get 2.5 hours out of a full charge. I have ordered an official battery to check if it isn't that, but I have two anyway (but only one official) and they both last about the same time...and I used to have a sedio and that wasn't much better (the sedio has since lost all charge).

    My question is: am I just unlucky with batteries or is it hardware? I find it hard to believe that anything is particularly wrong with the phone seems pretty sturdy compared to other stories I've heard, software has always performed as I'd expect...and my one friend who still has one has had his power button has break.

    The weird thing is that my friend says he can get over a day out of his. I just don't get it.

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    There aren't to many phones out there that get great battery life but 2 hours doesn't sound good. I can sometimes get 48 hours or more on a charge. I have my screen brightness set to low, my e-mail set to manually retrieve, facebook set to manually retrieve and battery saver turned on so my phone goes to sleep when I do. There are a lot of little things that people do to save on battery life and these are just to name a few. Some people couldn't be bothered with battery life so the simply have a charger for every place that they are. Are you overclocking and if you are what kernel are you using and what are your govnah settings???
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    I feel your pain.....

    The battery itself could be in bad health. The Preware app called Dr. Battery measures the health in terms of percentage. One of my batteries was down to 55% and the other at 73%. Explained many things for me.

    Even with a healthy battery, there are things that can suck the charge out of it. If the phone has memorized WiFi networks saved which require accepting terms at a login screen to actually connect, the phone will drain power trying to access the internet through it. I ended up removing all those types of networks and that really seemed to help.

    I have multiple IMAP email accounts and leave them on full auto. I do make sure my IM status on the Messaging app is 'unavailable' because I don't use that much on my phone.

    If you're ever in an area with spotty cell coverage or somewhere like a football stadium with 80,000 of your closest friends all connected to a couple of cell towers, your battery may drain faster than anything. The Pre's data connection can be deactivated while leaving phone/text functionality active. Go into the Phone>> Preferences menu and scroll about a third of the way down to see where to turn that off.

    Hopefully that helps
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    You may suffer from the "can't sleep" problem

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