Hello all - last night while watching a movie that I had uploaded to my Pre, it suddenly went into the grey swirling circle screen, then rebooted itself. When it came back a few minutes later, I found that the wallpaper had been changed to the default one when the Pre was first purchased. I then checked my photos and videos, and found that those libraries had been completely erased.

The memos, text messages, bookmarks, and contacts are intact (or at least don't seem to have suffered the same fate) - it's just that the pics and the videos are completely gone. Even the Pre intro video and the standard assortment of wallpaper images that came loaded with the phone - all obliterated.

So, I guess the question is - is there any way to retrieve them? I have just plugged the phone in as a USB on my laptop, and there are no photo or video files to be seen when I access it....are they lost the ages?