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    I had installed a package on my phone by Preware, the program is called Advance System Configuration Preferences, WORLD. Well when I was attempting to erase this application from my phone and just get it restarted, MY PHONE TURNED CRAZY AND KEEPS ON RESTARTING PROCESS FOREVER!!!!!!!!.....What is currently happening with it and what should I have to do in this case?????...PLEASE HELP ME A.S.A.P. !!!!!
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    You are stuck in a boot loop, it's happened to many people and there is a solution. Some key points first,

    usually advisable to state your device, carrier, firmware, kernel etc ie:
    I have a CDMA Bell Mobility Palm Pre running webOS v1.4.5. I am using Uberkernel v.1.4.5-178 set at Screensaver 1000/500

    searching via Google I found this thread, I typed "stuck in boot loop pre" and found many threads to pick from, this is the top of the list::

    try it and report back.

    Also, I know you're new and all but it isn't necessary to add please read!!!!!!!

    EVERYTHING gets read around here lol
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    Well Sledge would be needed to get installed the webOS doctor into my computer first?
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    Sledge thanks I will try out this riddle. Just to make it easier the program is running, what else need more that software. Okay I am not kidding though, I will bring blood or animal sacrifice to you and as a master you´re also. LOL thanks. Just keep in notice still.
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    ok lol. Come back and let us know how it worked out for you or if you need more help.

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