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    my touchscreen only works along the top and right side... Tried many fixes, closing and opening the slider hard, removing battery for upwards 15 minutes, putting a strip of index card folded to make battery fit snugly and more... This phone is super old and in unactivated dev mode for me to play around on. Its just been sitting in the box for multiple months until i pulled it out and turned it on today. Before it was put in the box a few months ago it was wiped and had minor touchscreen issues where it would randomly click and it happened only about once a week. any help would be awesome, a replacement is not an option at this point as its a launch phone and such, but i guess if its a hardware issue then i'll just box it up again...
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    here are pictures of the screen test
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    get it replace. I had the same problem.
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    hmm i guess no more webos for me as i cant spend any money right now...

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