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    Ohkay so my palm pre is freezing and i have to take the battery out for it to work.. and then last night i went to a party and fell asleep with my phone in my pocket so it died...and no it wont charge up!? and its been like 2 then i told my mom im buying a black berry n im just going to but the sim card of my palm pre in the blackk berry.. BUT i guess there is no sim card in a palm pre??? LIKE *** .. help what do i do..
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    First what carrier are you on? If you are on Sprint then no there is no SIM card. Second what type and brand of charger are you using? If it is not a Palm charger then it may not be putting out enough amps to charge a completely dead battery (I've seen this in the forums before). If you want to keep your Pre then go to Amazon and find a battery for it, usually can find a genuine Palm batttery for under $5.00. If the battery is beyond a year old it is time to replace it. Hope this helps.
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    Exactly - the battery itself may be dying and causing things to freak out.

    I suggest getting the Dr. Battery app from Preware. It will show your battery's health. Mine was down into the low 70% range and I had to break down and order a new battery a couple weeks ago. Things are working nicely once I got the new battery and gave it a couple days to build up it's full charge.

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