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    I have a frankinpre2 too

    With the homebrew crew working on a meta doctor for 2.2 and my Touchpad keeping me away from my pre2 more and more...I feel my pre2 will last me close to two years easy

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    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    Email (comcast) works without fail.
    Phone calls (no complaints)
    GPS (Use a lot no issues)
    Football sprint and NASCAR apps a blast!
    Mobile hotspot at work HEAVEN!

    Still have my old pre and use it unlocked just for the hot spot and stored music.
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    whoa - how do you use an old pre for the hotspot? (assuming you have your newer one activated)
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    Quote Originally Posted by arrowslinger View Post

    Email (comcast) works without fail.
    Phone calls (no complaints)
    GPS (Use a lot no issues)
    Football sprint and NASCAR apps a blast!
    Mobile hotspot at work HEAVEN!

    Still have my old pre and use it unlocked just for the hot spot and stored music.
    What GPS are you using with it. Sprint Nav? I had a pre-, then went to the sprint epic 4g, now back to the pre-. I love the ease of hotspot and it holds a signal a lot better then my epic did. I was thinking of looking for a pre2 to frankenpre, just not sure if it is worth it.
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    I'm putting mine to sleep in the next few hours!!

    SGS2 E4GT here I come!!

    Can't wait to not have cracks all over my screen, a volume button that works, and a bigger screen.
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    If the new flex cable for the slider fixes the problems I'm having with my VZ Pre+, then I'll probably keep it another year. At that point my contract will be up, but to keep my unlimited data plan with free hot spot I think I have to buy the next phone outright.
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    After picking up a Touchpad during the firesale, I realized how much I missed my Pre, So I ordered one off eBay that was listed in good shape. It was in GREAT shape when it arrived, aside from a wonky power button. Amazingly, it was, I think, a FrankenPre. 16gb of memory, 512mb of Ram, and I'm using the uNixpSyCho Harrier kernel. It's snappy as can be, and I thrilled. I am eligible for a Sprint upgrade, so I may pick up the new Galaxy S II, as I can sell the Epic 4g, probably for more than the 199.00 upgrade price. I'm in phone heaven!
    My Palm history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmegan6 View Post
    whoa - how do you use an old pre for the hotspot? (assuming you have your newer one activated)
    I do the same. I just got a freebee prepay SIM which I can put a 10 top up on to give me a month of unlimited data (GiffGaff). That way I can use my old Pre- as a hotspot as and when I need to without eating into the data allowance on my Pre3. Chances are it will only be 2-3 times a year when we are on the road and need internet access.

    You could say I should just put the GiffGaff SIM in my Pre3 but it uses a different network and coverage issues mean I don't want that as my main phone line.
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    I'm both saddened and jaded over the WebOS/Palm/HP drama of the last few years. I love WebOS but my launch day Pre, is barely limping along, and lacks many features that I want or need. I've waited far too long already for those features to arrive to a webOS device, and now it's very unlikely they ever will. I'm in the process of moving on to T-Mo. I have a Windows Phone 7 phone which I activated last night on a prepaid plan. I'm using this to test their coverage and service. After the first month is over, if coverage is sufficient, I'll be going to T-Mo permenantly.

    So far I find Windows Phone 7 unsatisfying. The alternative? I'll switch to an HTC Amaze when it's released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    So far I find Windows Phone 7 unsatisfying. The alternative? I'll switch to an HTC Amaze when it's released.
    Wow, I understand your feeling about Palm, HP, and especially webOS and my wife and I are stuck making the same decision in a couple of weeks.

    Interesting your thoughts on Windows Phone 7 and I guess everything has its ups and down. Android has been a complete failure for me and I still baffled on why so many people buy into what Android and Google are/aren't offering. What bothered you about Windows Phone 7, was it a hardware or software issue???

    For me, transitioning from webOS is going to be difficult for a few reasons including webOS simplicity, software functionality (free tether and everything I'm now used too), and a few things that work simply perfectly for me on my Pre and TouchPad (email, synergy, calendar, etc).

    Obviously, I'll be keeping my TouchPad and transitioning and upgrading that platform as long as I can, but my Pre- is on its last leg and I'll have too take a honest looks at the coming IOS 5 and iPhone 5 scheduled for release next month.

    I'm just hopeful Apple and Sprint get it right and make their platform or OS specific as a worthy webOS replacement. Yes I could get Pre 2 and FrankenPre it all day long, but my life is too complicated already and Pre 2 don't really hold much for me any more. Pre 3 was the final straw that broke my hope for a new webOS phone in my future and I don't plan to switch to ATT just to have a webOS from this point forward.

    Hopefully, someone else (HTC, Facebook, Amazon, or otherwise) steps in and makes something happen! Sorli...
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    finally had to today. Camera don't work and power button don't work. Other phones in teh family, the touch screen don't work and power button don't work etc.

    Sprint still has the best plans, so went to samsclub (brick and mortar store had an awesome price of $30 for a new 2 year contract), upgraded all 4 lines to the samsung epic 4g. So far I'm impressed with the AMOLED screen and overall responsiveness, esp compared to pre (-), but pre2 was fairly on par in terms of speed.

    Finally some missed apps: Shazam, red laser, google goggles = all very cool. NOt sure why we never got those. Camera rocks. Battery life so far seems so-so.

    DEFINITELY miss teh card view, navigating around for apps in the GUI is a real pain in the ***. Android has a "task manager' - why would you ever need that in webos - just flick the card. I DO like the desktop widgets. But I miss just type and synergy is not good.

    Well, I've put the pres to rest - all now permanently on airplane mode with wi-fi on. Still a great wifi device around the house, pandora, etc.

    If some new webos phones come out in a year, will def. be looking at them. Meanwhile, I've got 2 touchpads on the way.

    Next programming project, will work on porting apps in my sig line over to android. Phonegap to the rescue hopefully....Existing versions up my apps will of course remain in the app catalog.

    Gonna miss webos phones...
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    Not until it finally tells me no more. Still have original pre. Working great for over two years.
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    Original Palm Pre forever! My wife's old cell phone lasted 7 years, so that's the goal for this one. That probably comes off as a joke, but I'm quite serious.
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    Soon. My Pre minus is looking rough, and I'm enamored by the new LG Marquee. Sure, I'll miss card view, and Synergy, and these forums! However, I'm tired of limping along.

    Honestly, the AndroidCentral forum is not nearly as active as here,(my Post at Android Central),
    but I'm tired of using a +2 year old technology.

    Sprint - even with their recent reductions in service - still has the best plan for me.
    Android, here I come! Palm, I'll miss you (IIIx->TX->Centro->Pre, it's been fun!)

    See you on Android Central!
    Palm IIIx -> TX -> Centro -> Pre
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    I switched to a new phone from my VZW Pre Plus and haven't missed it at all. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it because it has a good battery and still works fine. I'd use it as a game console if logging into my profile with my new Pre 2 didn't kick the Pre + off.

    The Pre 2 is everything that I liked about the Pre+ and little if any of the things I didn't like. It seems like its not worth it as an upgrade but it was a great upgrade given the circumstances. Its a shame that our Sprint friends don't have easy access to them.
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    I love my Pre- but its been a couple of years and my AT&T Pre3 is on the way ... Now I will probably keep my Pre- running because it really costs nothing ... I still have a Pixi on my Sprint family plan contract ... but when the sprint contract runs out, I will probably say: bye bye Sprint, hello (gulp) AT&T ... thank goodness my company has a reasonable discount plan with AT&T ...
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    Gone. The stupid phone couldn't keep up, touchscreen had become a nightmare, had a life of its own and couldn't do much, it also kept switching off. I just bought a Pre3, as soon as it arrives I'm putting my Pre to rest, it's been fun while it lasted.
    Was sucked into Palm when I bought the glorious Treo650, somehow subsequent phones didn't live up to expectations.
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    I was surprised earlier this week when my son told me his Pre died and he went to the Sprint Store for service...he had to wait a few days but he had a new/refurbished Sprint Pre on charge.

    I had thought they were all gone...guess not.
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    Looks like my classic Pre will be with me for awhile. So far it seems to be working fairly well. I'm miffed at HP for ditching WEB OS devices and doubt if I can be convinced to spend money on any other HP products! THat being said, I love Palm's simplicity and the way that the Homebrew community can allow me to personalize my device. The major drawback to this machine is its inability to interface with MS Office products - as far as editing goes. Yeah, I downloaded Classic, but even still Classic on the Pre isn't best for working in MS Office files. It was better on the Centro and with stylus/keyboard input.

    Just this past week my Micro USB Charger door bit the dust. OTher than that - everything works perfectly mechanically. I think I have to give props to the fols Making the Glide Rail case. Although THIS particular device was a refurbished warranty replacement about a year ago. I've been a Classic Palm Pre fan since April 2010.

    Been eyeballing Windows phone7 and after getting notice from the employer about company discounts, went to Verizon to view their offerings. They didn't have a Windows phone in stock. Instead tried to convince me I'd like the Android Merge; an HTC device similar to the Trophy which they would order for me. Explaining the idiosyncraciesof getting signal at my home, they said they have a 3 day - no questions asked trial.

    Looks like I'll be taking the android device back within 24 hours! Although I have a Sprint Airave at the house - even still the Merge didn't pick up a signal! Call quality was horrible - stuttered and garbled and tinny.

    Played with the Android stuff for about an hour or so; saw some cool things. Wondered about some others - like - WHERE IS A RESIDENT NOTES OR MEMOS APP? All Palm devices have them! The proximity sensor on the device wasn't as responsive as the PRE and the phone app itself was a bit odd.

    Screen size was nice, pixelation was great. Response to touch was as good as on my Pre. But what good is a Smart Phone if you can't make calls? I do get signal on the Pre.

    I guess I was expecting an improvement from many moons ago when I left Cingular, tried both Verizon and Sprint on the same day across the same coverage zones - and way back then Sprint had better service than Verizon! Looks like I'll stay with Sprint. Just need to make up my mind about staying with WEB OS as long as I can - or moving to Mango on Windows 7?

    Some of my software has been a little quirky. But a restart seems to resolve the issues. One Verizon rep commented that my Pre was still in great shape and he liked the personality I'd given it.

    Anyway, Sprint is working well for me, my Pre is working well for now - so if it ain't broke - don't "fix" it - right? Maybe HP will have a change of heart....

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    well, made a liar out of myself.... Decided to go to WP 7 on Sprint with the HTC Arrive. Got one from Comp USA fo 75.00.

    Have Moved my contacts, and will be removing all pix & files. Unless I figure how to use it as a photo display.

    The Arrive is a solid, smokin' device and WP7 is a good OS to move to from WEB OS.
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