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    Launch day Pre still humming along proudly with 1.4.5. Yeah it has small cracks, a USB door that comes completely off if opened, the headphone jack and mute switch occasionally goes wacky, and the battery is loose sometimes. And yes, playing with the oreo is still a nice pass time. However, I am still amazed to this day how I still couldn't find a proper phone that allows me to call a contact by just typing out the name. So far the Android phones that I tried out listed out Google search suggestions on top of phonebook search results; while typing from the home screen on a HTC Arrive (WP7) does nothing. How could no other phone OS designer ever consider that phones are supposed to make phone calls?

    Also, I don't like the $10 additional data charge Sprint will charge if I switches phones, so my good old Pre would be in use for as long as it can survive.

    It was a shame, though. I so wanted a Pre3, and was really anticipating the day when I could switch out the HP boot up logo back to the good old Palm logo
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    plan to rock my pre2 and backup until they both die!
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    The keyboard on my Pre+ is awful. A month and a half from now I will switch to Android (probably a Droid 3) and say goodbye to DeadOS once and for all. Palm and HP did such an awful job, I cant believe I have suffered through so few apps and missing features since Feb 2010. Took a chance on this and lost bigtime. Still kick myself for not spending $50 more and getting the original Droid back then.
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    My launch day Pre- has been replaced, for free, by Sprint, 3 times now. I hoped Sprint would carry the Pre3 so I could keep the webOS and the unlimited data and the repair/replace program I love so much. But alas, no more webOS :'( Now I feel I need to make a switch of some sort. How can I keep a phone that has been orphaned both by the manufacturer and the carrier? I'm glad to know some of you will stick it out until the bitter end, but it's decision time for me. Does anyone know where the Pre goes when it dies (or what happens when it is no longer activated with a carrier)? My great nephew loves the games I wasted my hard-earned on, and I would love to use it as a wifi device. Possible?
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    Still have a launch day pre- and sometimes it's a little slow. I'm on Sprint and I'd love to stick it out with WebOS, but if there is nothing on Sprint to upgrade to WebOS wise. I'll probably just hang onto it. It still works fine.

    I'll wait and see what happens next with HP .. sigh. But this might be the best in the end. Maybe HTC will make a WebOS phone, haha.
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    Perhaps coincidentally, on Thursday the power button on my Pre- stopped working. I'm still hoping it will suffice until Apple at least announces the carriers for iPhone5 (so I can buy a phone with a return policy).

    If I can get my hands on one of the $49 unlocked Pre2 phones, I would be very happy!
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    My Pre has lived a long live of over 2 years now. The days are numbered as it's literally falling apart. It has a few health issues right now and I don't expect it to live much longer.

    I'm now looking for a Pre 2 and take it off to my lab to transform into FrankenPre in order to work on my Sprint service. Now if Igor will hurry up and find what I need soon enough, things will be good for awhile longer.
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    My 2 year old pre will be going bye bye this week, to be replaced with the photon. No point in staying with webOS now. My pre is on its last leg, barely hanging on.
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    Still have my Pre since June '09. Overclocked and patched.
    -missing USB door
    -screen crack originating at usb port
    -headset jack starting to act up
    -ringer switch starting to act up
    -a few keys are starting to act up
    -cellular reception has gone down a tad (I had dropped it a few times...)
    -rarely shuts down at random, but it does, always at the wrong time...
    -had to repair the power button
    -replaced the battery

    Still have not found the right phone for me.

    I have an unlocked Pre2 that I considered putting on pre-pay (I can use google voice on it). I will not consider Sprintifying it since I'm having minor reception issues with my Pre.

    I helped my brother set up his Android phone when he got it, and I try playing with it every time we visit, trying to make myself like it. I know it's not for me.

    The only OS that I would be willing to try is WP7 after Mango rolls out, but I don't like the form-factor of the HTC Arrive. I've waited this long, I'll wait and see if Nokia comes out with a Sprint phone. Hopefully my Pre will wait along with me. There is also a possibility that HTC will announce a new WP7 phone on September 1st.

    Yesterday I registered with
    Visor/Sprint Springboard Expansion Module > Visor Platinum > Tungsten E > Centro (work) > Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by traviscurren View Post
    My 2 year old pre will be going bye bye this week, to be replaced with the photon. No point in staying with webOS now. My pre is on its last leg, barely hanging on.
    I love webos however.. I jumped to the Nexus S 4g only to have a crappy radio and thoughts of webos withdrawl. However, just last Wednesday I was able to get the Photon 4g. Android isn't as great as webOS is but this Photon hardware is one word: amazing
    I love the Palm Pre and I hope the retain the design and beef up the specs for Sprint!

    1.1ghz - F104 patch + Govnah
    Mobile HotSpot setup
    Sprint backed 3g fire in Sacramento, CA
    Preware yoked
    Customized beyond belief. I have a great phone, it runs like a champ.
    Pandora, Radiotune, uTorrent control, Sprint Nav, Touchstone packed car, audio source. You name it my phone is doing it.
    webOS is the best OS I have used on a phone.. bar none!
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    I still have my original Sprint Pre that I got in Nov. 2009 and it is in near perfect condition. I have the AGT case and the Zagg screen protector on it. The only issue I've had with it was the power button which Sprint fixed in a matter of minutes. No "oreo" here. It is OC'ed and patched and I'm still enjoying it. My intent is to hold on to it until I'm forced to replace it and since I have a second one that I got in March 2010 (used by an ex) that is active and also in near perfect shape I have a long way to go.

    I've played with Android a little and wasn't impressed and well iOS is iOS and neither is WebOS! WP7 I haven't looked at yet but have used previous versions of Windows Mobile and liked it but came back to Palm (says it all). Truly holding out for a new Sprint WebOS device, maybe dreaming, but it is the best by far.
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    A couple of months ago, I plussed my Sprint Pre, and I plan on hanging on to it as long as I can. Heck, once the hardware starts failing, I may even try to pick up a Pre2 on Ebay. I've swapped a comm board once, I sure won't mind doing it again. I'll also consider going Android, but WinPhone and Blackberry are out. I might even consider going iOS, assuming the jailbreak community manages to stay ahead of Apple, but frankly, iTunes makes me lose faith in humanity.

    I like WebOS enough that I'd love to see HP find someone to license/sell it to, but I'm not holding my breath. I expect that HP will end up selling it to someone who'll buy it for the patent portfolio. (Insert mental image of Apple, Google, a steel cage, and a pair of meat hooks) I just hope HP keeps their Palm Profile and App Store servers running, at least long enough for Android to come up with a better interface.
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    I've been a palm fan for a while. I like the one handed texting that is possible with the pre. Really makes me mad that HP bought them and then threw them away.. I hate most of the other phone interfaces. The screen on the Blackberry's are just too small. but I do like the keyboards. As a Sprint customer I'm really stuck ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by sq5 View Post
    Not a moment sooner than I am forced to.
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    We have been on the Pre- for over two long as Sprint keeps fixing and replacing them as they break...we will never switch!
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    My '09 Pre is starting to show its age, I'm particularly worried about the touchscreen which every now and then fails to work.
    Also, now that they have announced WEB OS may be discontinued, I'm also worried about what will happen if the thing dies prematurely, just in case, since I've got all my contacts on the phone, do you know how to transfer them to the SIM?
    Was sucked into Palm when I bought the glorious Treo650, somehow subsequent phones didn't live up to expectations.
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    I have no plans on replacing my Palm Pre until I absolutely need to. Hardware is still working just fine. Couple days ago I even went through and upgraded to 2.1. If there isn't a new WebOS device out on Sprint by time it's fubar and needs replace, I'll probably just drop having a cell phone all together.
    The other mobile platforms just seem broken by design to me. Have no interest at all in using them. Only good Android based system I've seen is the Nook Color.

    That's how I feel about it.
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    Ahhh...when does the iphone5 come to sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowning73 View Post
    Also, now that they have announced WEB OS may be discontinued, I'm also worried about what will happen if the thing dies prematurely,...
    They have not announced that webOS may be discontinued. It is hardware manufacture that will be discontinued. In fact, they have stated that they will continue to develop and support webOS.
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    My Pre continues to do just fine. The first one I bought from Sprint (about a month after launch) froze up and died, but the replacement has survived a dozen drops and other abuses and still does OK. I've installed PreWare and am just figuring out how to tweak it for better performance, but here in San Francisco it works a hell of a lot better than any on the iPhones my friends have (at least the ATT ones).

    I'm really bummed about the Touchpad being so mismanaged by HP (I have two on order) since WebOS is definitely the third option we need in phone/tablet world. In the meantime I'll continue to use my mostly trusty phone and have no plans to "upgrade." I pay $59.99 off contract with Sprint each month and am pretty happy.
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