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    Sorry if this has been answered but I cant find anything from recent months... Just the small claims court guy and another couple of people who managed to get o2 to do it.

    Now that buying the pre3 has become more 'interesting' I think I will unlock my o2 pre to use my vodafone SIM card in it. What is the best way to unlock it? and is there a free way?

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    Can't anyone help me with this??
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    If you have had the pre for more than a year ( I think that's right) then I am sure O2 will unlock for you.
    However I passed my son my day 1 pre and installed a PAYG Tesco sim (which piggybacks O2 ) and he has no probs once Tesco talked me thru settings.
    Might also work with Vodaphone?

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    Thanks Kremmen. I found that their is a guy who has a site showing you can do it for free but I didnt think it was tested enough, so just spent the 6 quid (with discount code) for nextgenserver. Worked ok in the end but a mega pain in the ****, with needing xp and the instructions being rubbish!

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