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    When using my Pre Plus paired with a bluetooth earpiece how can I use voice dial to call names from my address book? I find it odd that this "smart phone" can't seem to do what every one of my previous regular phones could do without any problem at all. I can call using my earpiece by speaking each contact's number individually, but I no longer remember individual phone numbers because they are all in the address book. Physically picking up the phone, looking for the the contact and then dialing it seems to defeat the whole purpose of using a bluetooth device, especially while driving. Am I missing something? Any solutions?
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    voice dialing is only available on 2.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by wushu2004 View Post
    voice dialing is only available on 2.0
    Make that 2.1.0 to be specific. 2.0 does not have voice dialing.
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    ah yes, my mistake. as someone who is on, I figured I might do that
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    If you've got a Pre+, I would definitely recommend upgrading to 2.1. It's not as simple as "Launch Upgrade app on phone and wait," or even "download upgrade program to PC, connect phone to PC and run upgrade," but it's definitely worth doing.

    I'd suggest avoiding 2.x on a Pre-, though.

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