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    Ok here's the device info:

    Palm Pre plus
    Palm Web OS
    Verizon service
    Southern Maryland

    For the last month plus I have had problems receiving email on my Palm Pre plus device. I have been on the phone with Palm (HP) support several times and went over everything. I have been on the phone with my ISP support several times. When I say "on the phone" I mean from my home phone, land line, not the cell phone.

    I have four personal computers and have conducted test to prove the problem is with the Palm Pre plus.

    If I turn on all of my computers ( desktop, laptop, notebook, and net-book) and send a test message to myself from any device including the Palm Pre plus it comes to every device except the Palm Pre plus. I have the Palm Pre plus set to check for messages every 5 min. Until this started I always got my email promptly on my Palm Pre plus. Sometimes even before it got to some of the others. Probably due to 5 min cycle.

    But if I get a cell phone call ( I have called my cell from my home phone to prove this) I will get all of my missed messages all at once. This is what got my attention when depending on the Palm Pre plus for email service.

    I have a yellow warning triangle at the top right side of my "inbox" when this email problem happens on the Palm Pre plus. (This yellow triangle went away on Saturday and returned tonight)

    I say "when this happens" because last weekend (Saturday) my phone did some kind of update while I was in Williamsburg, Va. and was working very well until tonight. I even had a new device on the way from Verizon but called yesterday and cancelled it because the problems seemed corrected. (I also had a "skinomi" screen protector on mine that I love)

    But I swear, as soon as I cancelled that order the phone went wacky again.

    Are there any others out there having similar problems with receiving email?

    I have done all the remove battery, soft reset, hard reset tethered and ran Web OS Doc. Although I was never convinced that WebOSdoc ever really ran completely or properly on the Palm Pre plus.

    I can't wait to switch service providers!

    I am getting tired of arguing with the same idiots!

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    gmail has been a bit wacky lately
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    Oh yea forgot to mention.

    This is a POP3 email account and I use MS Outlook for email.

    I have a yahoo account that works fine on the Palm Pre plus if I set up an account and test it. But I don't use or keep that account on the Palm Pre plus.
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    Do you have your Outlook email clients set to leave messages on the server? That is not the default setting. But if even one of the clients has not been set to leave messages on the server, that client will delete the message from the server after it downloads it, which of course means the message will no longer be able to be received by any other clients, including your phone.
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    I have both options turned off. I have made that mistake in the past and in fact last Saturday when the Palm Pre plus "updated" it reset the device to delete emails from server but I noticed right away because I also had my net-book with me and on at the same time.
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    can you switch to imap - best way to keep multiple computers and phone with all teh email stored on the server. Pop3 is a real disaster to keep synced on multiple systems and a dinosaur.

    can u get a gmail? (forward whatever account this pop3 is on to a gmail account or your yahoo account that works).

    also connection: are you in a flaky service area? at my house I get no cell data reception, must switch to wi-fi. if forget to do that i will miss emails.
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    I will investigate this option. Good idea! I get great signal strength and usually keep the WiFi option off unless I'm on the road.

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