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    Pre +, 2.1, AT&T

    Hi all,
    I've been using Govnah and default UberKernel on my Pre+ for months now, and just a few days ago it began to get really, really horrible battery life. Like, the phone drained 40%. In an hour. In my pocket with the screen turned off with one web page open. Load average is well over 50 total and the battery temperature consistently hovers at 42-44 degrees when the screen is on, and 38-39 when it is off. I've attached a screenshot of what Govnah typically looks like.

    There are a couple non-Govnah-related reasons to which I could attribute this problem.

    I used KeyBoss to disable the 'fat finger filter', then disabled KeyBoss. I know KeyBoss is known for this type of battery drain issue, but I disabled it after changing the settings so I don't think it's what is causing the problem.

    My flash memory is almost full. I have 91 MB free.

    I have an AT&T Pre+, one of the ones that is no longer supported by the profile servers. This probably isn't what's causing the problem,but could it be that the phone is constantly trying to ping the server and getting no response?
    Also this means I can't doctor to fix whatever is going on.

    Any tips on changing voltages, recommendations for different kernels, swap memory configurations... would also be very helpful. Thanks very much in advance.
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    ib -- with a grain of salt I read a post about Dr Battery assisting with battery life when my battery and govnah settings seeming to be doing the same thing you describe.

    W O W what a difference running Dr Battery did for my pre-. It took me several tries to 'calibrate', but once it did it fixed all my woes. Its a preware/homebrew app and has some good help built into the app to help you target the challenge I/you are experiencing.

    Im curious of the root of the problem . . but dont really care -- Dr Battery fixed it. (for the record, I'm NOT associated with the Dr Battery developer and if your check forums, I mentioned my woes a couple weeks ago)
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    I've used Dr. Battery in the past, but not with this current set of batteries... I have four knocking about at the moment. Sigh.
    I didn't realize it actually helped battery life, just calibration. I'll try it out, though. Heaven knows my phone will drain quickly enough. Thanks!
    However, that isn't related to the problem of the abnormally high temperature and load average. Any tips on what that might be coming from?
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    It will help with battery life as the Pre is getting the wrong information from the battery uncalibrated and so thinks its running out before it is and also that its fully charged when it is not.

    How did you get the sound off icon in the top right of the screen menu?
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    webOS 2.1, Tweaks.
    There is also a patch for 1.4.5 I believe.
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    ah right you are on 2.1
    I will have to poke around then and see if the patch is still around on preware

    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3

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