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    my father ordered the Pre at "PEARL" as a refurbished device.
    But we did not know that the phone was activated already in Austria.

    The app-catalog consists only of free software..

    Is there any posibility to clear the phone from this restriction?
    With developer-mode I have full? access to the system files.
    Can I get a full app-catalog by editing some files?

    I think this restriction must have roots in the phone or is this problem to find in the activation data of the palm servers anywhere??

    I also activated the phone with my e-mail-adress and settings. (Country: Germany, Language: German)

    But without success...

    Can you help me or is my phone for ever banned from German apps?

    With DummyMaker I can get apps but this is not the right solution for me.

    Help me

    I hope HP develops more updates (2.5? or similiar?)..
    WebOS is really good OS!

    Thank you

    Marcus from Germany
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    did you look at Impostah in preware?
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    I did... This software is very extensive...
    There I activated it again (because I have forgotten the password of palm account ) now.
    But again without changes...

    Maybe I have to look deeper in Impostah...

    Thank you
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    I'm looking and looking deeper

    In Palm Profile I found: accountState: A

    A like AUSTRIA??

    In App Catalog:

    Check Paid Apps Access -> false
    Check Access Country -> AT

    Austrian telephone I think...
    I test a method I read here now.. I hope... I hope...

    In Palm profile ( I found: Palm Pre UMTS (one Austria)

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    Sorry My Pre has the newest OS... 2.1... I updated it...

    I activated it with Impostah... without success...

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