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    Hi All,

    I'm currently running a Pre and waiting to get a Pre 3 upgrade!. I will be giving my old Pre to my daughter and wondered if I'd just be able to put a PAYG SIM in the old and Pre and off she goes?


    Do I have to do anything else?

    Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


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    Can anyone help me out with this please?
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    probably will work. Your issue will be keeping your profile with you so you keep your apps and backups. She will have to go through the first-use process to create he own profile.
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    where are you from? If you are staying with the same carrier it should be no issue swapping sim cards.
    just make sure to create a new palm profile for ure daughter because right now HP only supports one phone in the profile.
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    Thanks guys.. I'm from the UK and will be staying with the same carrier eg Vodafone. The phone was an O2 phone but was hacked via software many moons ago..

    So if I create her a new profile and then logged the Pre 3 on with my current profile, would it draw down my contacts, backs up and apps etc?.. Although I suspect most of my apps wont work from my current Pre running 1.4.5 on to the new Pre 3?

    Am I correct?

    Any more help is greatly appreciated


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    That's correct - you've got it
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    Thanks.. but what would happen to any apps that are not compatible.. would they just not install?

    Oh and can I have the same apps running on both phones??


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    I'm unaware of any app that runs on 1.4.5 and won't run on 2.x. I don't think that is an issue.

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