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    Hi all,

    I haven't used my pre as a phone for quite a while. I'm thinking of setting it up as a web server (low traffic, of course) running off solar power in the back yard. For giggles, mostly, but also as proof of concept.

    This means I don't care in the slightest if the phone works, I just want reliable boot and serving. Any thoughts on what firmware I should flash to get the most reliability as a server?

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    You shouldn't need to reflash your phone at all to get it running as a web server. All you need to do is put the phone into developer mode and install Preware (homebrew app catalog).

    Once you have Preware, you have 2 web server apps to choose from. One is called "Lighty Web Server" and the other is called "Nginx Web Server" (pronounced "Engine X Web Server"). You can find them in the Optware section under Utilities.

    Check the description of each one in Preware (or google them maybe) to see which is better for you. I haven't really used either but it seems like Nginx has more features and customization, but Lighty is meant to be smaller and simpler to get running.

    Side Note: Regarding the solar power, if you're connecting a panel straight to the phone, just keep in mind to try to have a setup that will provide the phone with 5v at at least 500ma, which is about what a USB port would provide. Ideally, the closer you can get the current to 1000ma though, the better. If you have a 12v panel, you could connect it to a small lead-acid battery, and then connect the phone to that battery as well using car charger.
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