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    I was wondering what does the pre2 have that the original pre doesnt? I am thinking of doing the frankenfpre pre thing, but not sure it can do what I like it to do. I just reactivated my origion pre from an HTC Evo. (that should say how much faith and love I have for webOS!)

    1. Does the pre have an option to select multiple pics to send vis mms or email??
    2. What about flash video support in web pages, not youtube.
    3. What will I be losing if I do the frankenpre, versus having the 1.4.5 pre 1??

    If there is a discusion that has all the differences already stated somewhere, can someone point that out to me....
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    The only thing I remember really missing about 1.4.5 was being able to cram more icons into the launcher with the 4x4 and 5x5 patches. The Pre 2 runs much smoother and has more RAM than the original Pre, so it's less prone to TMC errors.
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    So the multiple image selection still does not exsist on the pre2/Frankenstein pre....

    No web browser flash support either then huh....??
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    Multiple images is fine in email, but not MMS. Flash works if you add in the capability.

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