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    I am a new overclocker and am really in need of some advice as to the best settings users have found here to keep the perfomance AND battery at their peak level. I was experimenting with the uberekrnal screestate with min 250mhz and max 1ghz and it seems to be pretty good but still a little laggy. However the battery life still leaves something to be desired.

    Can anyone suggest some settings that worked for them that allow the best battery life and performance? I was reading around a bit on these forums and also found very little mention of ppl overclocking to 1ghz. Is that not good to do? Also is uberkernal the best stable kernal right now?

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    I use Uberkernal with Govnah and usually select the Screenstate 500/1000 speed...sometimes the Screenstate 500/1000. It definitely performs better...but sometimes I get unexplained resets that hardly ever happen if I'm running the Palm standard kernal.

    So, I'd say that it makes my Pre+ on VZW a bit unstable. Whether that 'hurts' it, I don't know. Maybe it just makes it a bit schizophrenic?
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    I'm using screenstate 500/800. It's been stable, faster, and the battery life has been the same (still bad). I tryed screenstate 250/800 and my battery life got actually WORSE, don't know why.
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    I've use 125/800 on my Pre- and it seems to work just fine. I've tried using the 250/800, as well as the 500/500, and I have noticed a drop in battery life; though it has been stable in any setting for me. I haven't tweaked any of the voltages, which would probably help with battery life, but I am usually always around my charger/touchstone, so I don't really worry about it that much. Hope this helps.
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    Hello all overclocking isn't always the solution to getting better battery life. It all depends on how you use your phone. For instance - screen brightness, manually retrieving e-mail and facebook notifications and many others. I myself use Uberkernel with screenstate 250-800 and usually get about 48 hrs. out of a charge. If you use your phone alot it will kill the the battery faster plain and simple!!
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    battery life aside, I've been using screenstate 500/1000 over since it came out with no problems. Very stable, battery slightly better or at least no worse than before.
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    I sometimes just do straight 800KHz all the time and notice that to be fine. Remember, if you are in your car and use the Touchstone, the 500/1000 goes to 500 while charging. So, that's when I go to 800 or even 1000 at all times. I try to stay away from 1000 as that does become unstable for me at times. So when I keep it at a steady speed, I go with 800 to be safe and all the jazz.
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    I'll give screenstate 125/800 a try. I'll post the results later.
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    Ive actually been using 1000/250 screen state but the battery life is still meh. I have of course done all the usual battery conservation tricks like setting email fetch to manual, screen brightness to 5 etc... I actually also messed around with the voltages and was able to get 1300mv stable on the 1ghz setting. It seems like a lot of people are staying away from the 1gh and preferring the 800mhz as the highest clock speed. Why is that?

    Also, is everyone using uberkernal? Is that the best in terms of speed? I find that even at 1ghz, my phone still slows down at times and is not really as zippy as id like. Could it have to do with the kernal? Anyone tried any different ones?

    Itd be great to get updated feedback from you guys

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    I've tried 125/800 and my battery life again seemed to get worse... I don't know why my pre doesn't get along well with low clock speeds. Am I doing something wrong?

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