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    Hi everybody,

    I've just bought a gsm pre on the internet. I've always wanted to use webos decided to give it a try. The seller didn't seem to know anything about the device and when I received it I could see messages, apps and etc from the previous owner. He didn't know where the Pre was from. By looking at the keyboard (qwertz) I realized it was a german device. He told me it was unlocked. The device arrived in good conditions, no scratches or anything like that (just the original pouch was kinda dirty). At first I couldn't install any app from the catalog. I did a full erase on the device with a working sim in it and set up a palm profile for myself. Things seem to be working ok. My questions are... I'm totally new to webos, so what is webos quick install? And webos doctor? I'm a long time iPhone user. The quick install works as some kind of jailbreak? I don't really know...
    Can anyone help me?
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    You will find the answers to almost anything that you want to know by using the search function on this forum. (in the menu above).

    webOS Quickinstall is a desktop application which allows you to interact with your webOS device when it is Developer Mode. (install/remove patches programs, themes etc, among other things.

    To access the Developer Mode Enabler, just type in webos20090606 at the main screen.

    See this thread

    The webOS Doctor is a program provided by HP for your device to restore the operating system if you have any major OS related problems.

    You should also install webos-internals' Preware onto your Pre to provide on-device access to programs and patches.

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    And welcome to Pre|Central.
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    Thx a lot john! I'll give them a try! My other concern is battery life (I know this is an oldie when it comes to the Pre). My PrPrPr $lasted$ $8h$ $today$. $I$ $listened$ $to$ $a$ $couple$ $of$ $songs$ $in$ $the$ $morning$, $checked$ $mail$ $and$ $Facebook$ $occasionally$, $used$ $the$ $browser$ $for$ $5$-$10$ $min$ $and$ $took$ $a$ $couple$ $of$ $shots$ $with$ $the$ $camera$. $Is$ $this$ $normal$? $Should$ $I$ $format$ $it$? $I$'$m$ $thinking$ $maybe$ $the$ $battery$ $is$ $kinda$ $old$ $because$ $it$ $seems$ $to$ $be$ $the$ $original$ $one$...
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    download Dr Battery from Preware and check your battery health. Replacements are normally pretty cheap.

    welcome to pre central. Good to see new Pre users in amongst all this Touchpad mania.
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    I've installed Dr. Battery and my battery is 99% healthy. What do you guys think I should do? Calibrate it and if it doesnt work, format the pre?
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    I calibrated the battery but something wasn't right. My health was 99 before calibrating and now is 96. There was also a difference between the battery status on the pre menu and on dr. battery (like 80 on pre's menu and 77 on dr. battery). Curiously, my battery is almost dying now (3%) and statuses are the same on both now (3% on pre's menu, 3% on dr battery). Maybe the calibration worked afterall. However, my battery life is still bad... moderate use gives me 8h of battery tops. I've installed nodoze thinking maybe it was a bug I read about that prevented the pre from going to sleep, which makes it try to go to sleep again and again and kills the battery. I opened nodoze a couple of times during the day but could not see any difference.
    Should I just doctor (format) it? Is there any chance that doctoring will lock my phone again?
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    99% is great. Don't mess with that.
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    There's also another weird thing... My pre doesn't display any message telling me the phone is fully charged.. The battery reaches 100% and the charging icon remains the same. Is this normal?
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    solid = fully charged. I use one of the patches that convert it to a number.
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    I see. I thought the little ray would go away or a different symbol would be displayed... but the only 'notification' is the solid white battery sign. thx
    I'm thinking about doctoring this pre. Maybe my battery life will improve.
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    I doctored my pre yesterday. No problems. Entered palm profile and it remembered all my data (very cool this palm profile by the way, palm has been doing for years what apple is beginning to do now). I left my pre with wifi on on my desk, wen't to bed and didn't touch it till today (it was checking 2 mail accounts every 30min and facebook every 20min, and my twitter too). After 12h on my desk, it lost about 30% of battery life. Not a good amount, but I think doctoring it might have improved things a bit.
    What about these other kernels available on quickinstall? They overclock the pre alright, but do they sabe battery life as well?

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