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    I just got done installing preware and uberkernal and gonvah and I overclocked my processor to 800mhz and after I instal a couple dumb app the phone goes to this big empty battery with a thunderbold in the middle as if it needs charges but I had it plugged in PC the whole time I was using it and it said it was chargin now it wont leave that screen.

    Im using a palm pre plus on Verizon
    Windows 7
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    Pretty sure that's dead battery symbol - remove battery & reinsert then plug into wall socket. I don't recall xactly but I think leaving battery out for like 1 minute seems to help.

    Happens to me once or twice a year. Either battery not seated correctly or for some reason not enough power getting to phone is my theory

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    You have to understand that the USB port on the PC is delivering power to the phone, and if it is not delivering enough power to the phone you will have this sort of problem. People who know me would tell you that I am not a fan of the low cost($500) Intel based desktop and laptop computers because the components used CAN be very questionable. Yes, Intel may make some great CPUs, but their low-end chipsets, and the low cost Intel based machines tend to have a LOT of sub-standard parts, and you may not even get full power off the USB port.
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    either the battery is dead, or not properly seated.

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