Sent back my Evo 3d today, and I almost didnt. Sprint & HP are giving us no hope of a PRE3 so I was looking to settle, and the Evo was close to being my new suitor.

Good about Evo
Neat graphics (sense/live wallpapers)
Voice search
Screen size

Good apps
-Cut the Rope
-Plants vz Zombies

Bad about the Evo
Clunky, but notably better as time went on
Captive buttons (most likely my deal breaker)
Streaming Audio
No DrPodder

I was tentative to go back to my pre, but it is significantly faster than I remember. The Evo does not run functionally faster, period, end of story. Whenever in apps, specifically landscape games, I would hit those damn captive buttons and get knocked out (particularly a pain in Netflix and Plants vs Zombies becuase of the load times). Podcast listening to is a disaster as well on the Evo. I gave up on listening to podcasts, because I would get bumped out of the stream and have to scrub my way back though the podcast. Battery life was horrendous as well, but I think that mostly had to do with Plants VS Zombies being coded bad. Google's Navigation and Voice search are very lust worthy though as well as their app catalog.

Android Clearly has the lead in apps (hopefully not for long), but even my pre- is a better user me at least.