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    Sad day here, had to get a replacement due to the dreaded USB crack, was previously running 2.1 on a meta-doctored ATT Pre Plus. On the replacement, I signed in (on 1.4.5), turned off backup, then meta-doctored to 2.1.

    Unfortunately, when it came time to restore data, I was confronted with a "Data could not be restored" error. I can sign in with no problem on 1.4.5. I have done this many, many times, so I know for 100% certain I am following the steps correctly and in the correct order.

    It appears the backup/restore system may have been updated recently to prevent meta build devices from backing up, erasing backup, or restoring a backup.

    I would like some other meta users to confirm if they can back up or turn off backup, or if they (like me) get errors.

    Hopefully if I'm right and there has been a change made to stop meta-builds, this can be worked around just like it was in the beginning.

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    I'm almost scared to try on my 2.1 pre plus but then again its a test device. Can you create a new account and go through on 2.1? If so on that new account, make a new backup, partial erase, a sign into that new account work?
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    Doctor back to 1.4.5, and then turn off backup again, reboot with backup off, make sure it is still off, and THEN try Doctoring back to 2.1.0.
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    Unfortunately, webOS automatically turns backup on upon a successful login. Any way I try, either existing or new profiles, if it's on 2.1 it fails. 1.4.5 works every time.
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    Looks like this is exactly the sort of thing that is being stopped now by the new changes announced from HP:
    HP tweaks servers, may inhibit backups from meta-doctored phones, but probably won't | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |
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    I'm not sure but my 2.1 Pre will not complete a backup and seems to lock up at 75%. I thought it was the Cell radio but when I turned off the radio and turned on WiFi. I only ran the Backup app. aat 75% it stopped and the phone froze.

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