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    I am a "newly-backed" webOS user from Dubai, UAE. In here it is almost impossible to find webOS phones in shops, only online ones offering used phones. Every and each shop just pushing you the ugly "Androids".

    I just want to share my story with you about how I eventually ended up swapping by brand new iPhone 4 to Palm Pre.

    Initially, I had a BlackBerry Bold 9700, an excellent device having all features needed for my busy life as a trader. Superior email app with excellent attachement management. But the local carriers decided to strighten their policy regarding BlackBerry Secure Connection i.e. BES and restricted this service only for companies having more than 20 subscribers.

    So, being cut of my Enterprise Email since our company does not have more than 20 BES subscribers, I decided to opt for an ActiveSync device. I dont know, why I hate Android but I hate it and decided to buy iPhone 4. It has excellent hardware, vivid colorful screen, lots of app including business apps. BUT its Mail app sucks! I realized it when I had to quickly reply to a customer with an attachement and suddenly realized that I CANT ATTACH files within the Mail App ( Then I purchased Documents to Go Premium for 16 USD it provided me access to clouds and gave me ability to attach multiple files to a email message, BUT the attachments are attached to a new message, not to Replies and Forwards and I could not find any work arounds even in Jailbreak Community.

    So, occassionally on YouTube I saw a video posted by PalmCentral reviewing webOS email and found it far superior to BlackBerry in ease of use and access to folders, which is not well implemented in BlackBerry. Its interface was also great, multi-tasking just rocked!

    What is more important, it provides you with ability to format the text of your message and signature which is coming to iOS (the signature formatting not coming though) only with iOS 5 update. Also, I found out that Apple has stolen ideas from webOS for example backing up your phone on cloud i.e. Palm Profile. Notification system is just superior to any available phones. Apple just copies Android's slide down notification "curtain" in upcoming iOS 5 where as webOS notifications are less annoying and more elegant.

    AND OF COURSE ability to attach files to Composed/Reply/Forward email messages is just marvelous gift for business people using a mobile device hugely for email. When you press Attachemnt button in the bottom left corner a card showing seperately your photos, music, videos and download folder, which can contain any file, pops up. Thats just great idea, you dont have to jump from folder to folder as in BlackBerry and it just works. In iOS 5, I am not sure whether they are going to add such a feature or not. This feature works perfect with ZumoDrive. I upload files from my PC to Z drive and access them from Pre and send them by email in few taps.

    So, I dont regret buying a used Palm Pre first generation with webOS 1.4.5 and selling my brand new iPhone 4 loool )))
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    just wondering, why didn't you at least buy or trade for a Pre2 at least?
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    yeah man hope you get a pre3 soon. go webOS
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    Hi everyone,

    I could not find Pre 2 in Dubai. These phones here are very rare. I love webOS. But you know just recently I am having a problem like after unplugging the cord after charging the phone its screen becomes unresponsive then I plug in and plug out several times until it becomes normal. There must be a problem in the usb jack or what?

    P.S. I wanna look at the eyes of Palm's quality control guys, nobody but they ruined the company.
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    So, I guess it was too early to cheer up. This unresponsive touchscreen, as I have seen on the web is the common issue in Palm Pre caused by its usb jack. Will take it to a repair shop since there is no official Palm Pre care center or something similar.

    I am really disappointed, will buy an iPhone 4 again since BlackBerry is useless for me without BES in Dubai.

    The webOS system is really great, but hardware is a piece of crap. Looking forward to buying HP Pre 3 when visit Europe. Hope hardware will be as solid as most of the HP hardware.

    P.S. If I were HP would not bother making smartphones just licensed it to other vendors and I am sure it would be the mobile OS no 1 in the market since what are seen in iOS 5 and Mango and new Android OS, have already been elegantly implemented in the webOS
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    Remember seeing something about that quite some time ago. Make sure before you unplug form your computer, that you right click in "My Computer" on the Palm machine and eject it. Hope that solves your issue
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    Hi everyone, so unsuccessfully I tried to repair my Palm Pre in several workshops here in Dubai but most of the tech guys were so much suprised to see a palm phone as if it is an alienware or something after visiting palm's middle east website I understood why: just visit middle east page of hpwebos website

    So, guys I am abandoning webOS for now, because I could not find Pre 2 or Veer in Dubai and even Palm Pres are in scarcity but I will never risk to buy it again. Owing Palm Pre is like loving an ugly girl for her brilliant soul: hardware is a piece of crap whereas webOS is adorable.

    But if there is anybody in Dubai willing to sell me Veer or HP Pre3, I am going to buy it.

    Many thanks,

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    Good luck with everything. Hopefully you can find a good webOS phone somewhere down the line.

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