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    Hey there, been a minute since I visited but I could use some advice with my Pre. About 4 months ago, my gf threw my phone on the ground (from about 5 feet onto soft carpet), no visible damage but touchscreen did stop working.

    After a few days of googling around, I decided to take it to the repair center and they said it cant be fixed the motherboard is damaged. I need to buy a new one. So i went home, grabbed my old pre with a broken screen and swapped out the communication board from broken screen pre to no touchscreen pre. I also swapped the bottom board where the wireless device is, had to do a few Doctors and activate its new hardware id online. After all that, it works great.

    About a month ago, I'm not sure if it happened after I dropped it or after I tried to install something through QuickInstall but touchscreen no longer works. So i JUST found yet another pre i had with only a broken screen. Swapped out com. boards and it booted up fine, no need to reactivate... but touch screen still doesnt work.

    Any techs here have any idea as to what component could be damaged? Theres no visible damage to the boards, one thing I did not change is the board that's attached behind the screen.

    *edit* i lied! i just remembered, on my first hardware swap I also changed the motherboard thats attached to the back of the screen because my usb port was broken, so I grabbed that board off the other one in which the usb port was working fine. Im gonna take it back apart and swap that board out too.

    my old communications board, no visible damage anywhere except the sleep/power button is slightly messed up but i highly doubt that will cause my problem.

    parts i just swapped, these are the old ones.. the white cable for the wireless was actually stripped in the middle, again... highly doubt could be causin my problem, but now i know why i had bad service everywhere

    gonna try to swap this board too
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    sorry for the double post, but Holy crap it worked!!!!!

    I swapped the said motherboard behind the screen that has the usb port attached to it, and the phone turned on, touch screen works beautifully!!!!

    I guess it also holds the HDD cause the profile loaded was my girlfriends, just need to let it charge and Doctor it.

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