I've been on Verizon for nearly 10 years. May of last year, they had an early upgrade promo: re-sign your contract and get a Pre Plus with free 5GB/mo hotspot. I jumped on it, I love the option of having 'net wherever I am.

This May, I was alerted that I have another early upgrade for whatever reason. But I also have my New-Every-Two upgrade coming December 8.

My strife is either get the Pre 2 now or wait until the Pre 3 shows. I would love to be able to get the Pre 2 now and then get the Pre 3 a little while after it launches, so the developer mess can be sorted out...

1. If I use my early upgrade now, I loose my one in December, correct?
2. Upgrading to the Pre 2 now will only cost $5, but I loose the free hotspot too. freeTether takes care of this issue does it not?