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    Just started having this problem yesterday on only one account, an IMAP on a semi-private server. It's worked perfectly for 2 years, with nearly instant receipt of email. Yesterday I got the yellow triangle error on the top bar, and emails aren't coming through. Some times, but rarely, when I keep syncing manually it'll pull them in. I've removed the account, done a full erase, reset the device... nothing fixes it. Oddly, it DOES sync the old messages, months back, no problem. And I CAN send messages, no problem. I've checked the manual settings on the IMAP and they are all correct, the same as they've been for two year plus.
    Anyone have any ideas? I'm about a step away from a doctor...

    By the way, this is a Sprint Pre on 1.4.5
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    Update, I again removed and re-installed the account, and no change. So, I've now done the Doctor (a feat in itself on the Mac with Lion, took forever to get the Novacom drivers working, had to pull them from the 3.0 SDK... So nice HP gives that away )

    Bad news... after the trouble of a Doctor, I still have the same problem. It now pulled in all of the messages, including ones I missed today, but the same triangle error appears in top bar and new messages don't sync.

    Any one know what to try next?
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    I have this problem with GMail when I am at work and attached to our WiFi network. As soon as I disconnect from the WiFi, the problem goes away.

    Probably does not matter, but I can only roam at work to Verizon because Sprint has no service in the area.

    At home, I use my WiFi and have no issues with GMail.

    Haven't been able to identify the problem at work except that the message says there is a certificate error.
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    mine gives no error message, just the symbol. But it happens regardless of wifi/3G. And my gmail is fine, it's the other IMAP account. Won't sync, receive new messages.
    I've even changes server to non SSL option, and same results.

    I've doctored, and no change... Except now the app catalog doesn't work either

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