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    Hey guys. I had a few Pres back in the day ;-) They were good but not reliable. (my 4 handsets each had issues.)

    I now have Evos (whihc are great, btw), and may put a Pre ($50 used) on an additional line for fun.

    I have a couple questions:

    1. Is recent webOS software getting you though a day in terms of battery life? My old Pres had dreadful battery life - requiring multiple charges per day!

    2. Is recent the most recent OS stable? I remember 1.5 years ago, my Pre would suddenly restart itself when I would try to answer a call - not good.

    3. Are Sprint Pres still available new?

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    1) No. "Regular" usage (texting, light web surfing, listening to music for about two hours), leaves my battery pretty much depleted and this is well before 5pm. While I'm at work, I keep my phone charging so when I leave, it won't die on me. Battery life sucks. All Pre users know and accept this as a part of life.

    2) Yes. I have a bunch of mods on my phone and it still works fine for the most part. I mean, it does lag sometimes, but I think that happens because the memory is almost full. It's stable, though.

    3) No. You have to take into consideration that this phone is two years old and the quality sucks. So all of the new phones were shipped out to people as their original Pre's continued to break and needed to be replaced. Any Pre from Sprint would be refurbished, if you could even find a way to buy one from them. Otherwise, you're stuck with Ebay or Craigslist and maybe finding a phone that's still in good condition.
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    sounds like you need a new battery. They usually need to be replaced after about a year.
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    OP, if you have the time, many have been really happy putting the sprint radio into a Pre2. The hardware is muuuuuuch better than the original.
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    I'd go with Cantaffordit's option if I were you. My pre seems to last about as long as my Evo did my 3vo on the other hand gets horrible battery life! The Pre 2 with sprint radio will probably make you much happier than an OG Pre.
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    Good to know. Thanks guys.

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