I just returned from the Sprint store after the earpiece broke on my 3rd pre (USB/earpiece/earpiece) and pre #4 on the way. I pick it up Monday.

BUT now Im home and thinking why bother...it's just going to break again. I was holding out for the Galaxy S2, but may just pull the trigger on an upgrade now and go with the Photon.

My question though is what If I do this and get a new phone Saturday or Sunday AND THEN the replacement to my Pre comes Monday? Can I take it and have my daughter use it (which in effect upgrades her Samsung Seek) or would she have to start paying the $10 data/smartphone charge? It IS a new smartphone, but also in a sense the same one I've had on my plan for two years.

If not...what other uses could you see for it? Could I active it, load it up with games and use it as a game console? Maybe I can't even activate it if I upgrade first and it comes 2nd? Any novel ideas out there for old, but working Pres?