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    I've finally made the switch back to a palm pre-. I can tell you that nothing feels more liberating than being free of the clunkiness that is android. Has anyone else made this switch? Anyone considering it that loves webos should do it, especially with the newer kernals out. I still haven't overclocked my pre and I'm happier with it than I was with my evo. I'm hoping to overclock to 800mhz and underclock when the screen is off. Then eventually this fall grab the 7 inch touchpad being released. (in Sept?)

    My first post here and first post with my new Pre-

    Oh and is Tapatalk worth getting? I'm just using desktop mode right now.
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    welcome back! There are many prodigals that have come back from the dark side, so you are in good company.
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    Oh wow, thank you. I spent a year on my original Pre and a year on my evo. Android is ok but definitely not for me. No real multitasking and no palm keyboard and no ingenious cards. There's a wavebar app you can download for android for homesick webos lovers but definitely just warrants going back to a pre if you download that. I'm glad to be back.
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    Yes! The "forums" app from the catalog is definitely work getting.

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    Another welcome back. I, too, came back to webOS from an Evo, though I went to the Pre2 and then to the Veer. It's hard to explain how much happier I am to be back with webOS ... just a better fit for me than Android.

    The only thing better than coming back to webOS from Android is doing it with new, solid hardware. I've become quite enamored of my little Veer.
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    aww luckee, how is the veer? I'd love to get a new webos device on sprint but I do love my pre
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    I have a Nexus S sitting in my drawer. It's a nice phone, but I can't seem to give up webOS.

    I love the simplicy of webos, synergy, cards and true multi-tasking.

    I just wish Sprint was getting the Pre3.
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    those of you that came back. Welcome.
    But, educate those of us that are being pulled to the Droid side. What made you come back? The Droid phones seem to be faster, better, more memory, and bigger screen. Sure, I am referring to the hardware, but you've got to admit that hardware-wise they are better phones (OS aside).
    1) Cant you multitask in Android?
    2) Isnt there synergy? I have friends with Evo and their contacts show FB status, etc. Not that I want to synergize with FB, but he tells me that it happens.

    Kindly elaborate and put some feeling into it.

    I love my pre- which works perfectly at 1ghz. I have a developer coupon for the Pre2 to FrankenPre, and I have that saved until the end of September to see if something gets announced. However, the hardware specs of the Galaxy S2 and the Evo 3D are very impressive.

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    Lots of patches
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    I've used a ton of different Android phones. Some obviously run better than others, and there are different skins to differentiate. But, the clunkiness really is a huge turn off. There are a bajillion different android phones out there and it feels like Android is really not optimized for any of them. The experience can start out good, but after a while things get sluggish and you have to do a battery pull. Things eventually start to Force Close. It feels like most of the apps are made for the lowest common denominator, so that shiny duel core superphone runs the apps made for the crappiest budget phone. There's not a lot of continuity between applications, and often the settings you want are built deep within some menu. Android does multitask, but it doesn't work elegantly at all. You simply close out of an app and it continues to run in the background. You can hold the home button to see most recently run apps, but there's no great way to switch between apps like webOS. You can merge contacts in Android as well, but how it works and the quality varies. If you have stock Android, there are a few accounts you can use. Things like HTC Sense allow a bit more flexibility, but Sense is a resource hog so often things get sluggish more quickly. I'm sure there are a ton of people who would disagree and tell me "just do x and y to do....." but the bottom line is that Android just doesn't have a streamlined, elegant user experience like webOS does. I'm a technical person and I can live with it if I have to, but I honestly don't know how many of the non-tech consumers can live with Android and be happy.

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