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    I went to sleep last night and everything was fine on my Sprint Pre 1.4.5, but when I woke up the first thing I noticed was that the alarm hadn't gone off, then that the theme was gone, then that all non-stock apps were gone. I plugged it in to the USB, and it looks like at least the USB partition got reset. I used to have about 6GB of stuff on there, and now it's like 2MB. So all the photos, mp3s, videos, etc are all gone. So are all the apps, ringtones, etc. The stock apps seem to be fine for the most part. Some of the patches are still there (e.g., the ones I applied to the clock, messaging, etc)

    My questions are these:

    1) *** happened??
    2) I know my data is gone the way of the Dodo, but why didn't my apps restore themselves? If I go to the App catalog, and click on the shopping bag icon, it says I have no apps installed. Which is true, but isn't it supposed to know what apps I had installed and restore them?
    3) What should I do now? Just download all the apps I had and go from there? Should I run the doctor on it?
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    Congratulations! It took me 6 months to train my kid to do that, and your PHONE can do it!

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