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    I am just now getting used to my ATT Pre+ and I have to say again that I am very impressed.

    I have seen the wiki steps to go to 2.0 however I wanted to know first what the advantage is to going to 2.0 other than the ability to OC.

    I cannot buy any 2.0 apps because my profile still says 1.4.5.

    Can anyone tell me if 2.0 is that big a deal.
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    I have a Verizon Pre+ and upgraded to 2.1.0 for the new apps and Just Type (which is awesome). I also was able to sync more than just the standard contacts/apps with my Touchpad when I got it because I had upgraded (and thus upgraded my palm profile). It's internesting because 2.1.0 will slow down your device so I would highly recommend Uberkernel and Govnah to get your speed back up. If you ever have to replace your Pre+ with a new one (for warranty etc) you'll have to upgrade it before you can log in (because it will ship with a previous version of webOS) as your profile is only compatible with webOS 2.x at that point. (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). All in all though I must say that I love webOS 2 way more than I liked 1.4.5. In the end it's your choice. But I would recommend it.
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    First of all, I'll address a couple of incorrect assumptions. 1) You don't need to be on WebOS2 to overclock. 1.4.5 is very much overclockable - just install PreWare if you haven't already, then install any of several custom kernels, (I used Uberkernal,) and Govnah. Govnah is sort of the "control panel" for kernel settings and allows you to set the CPU speed. I'm pretty sure there's an overclocking guide in the Tips and Tricks forum.

    Second, if you do go to WebOS2, you will be able to buy 2.0 apps, assuming you follow the instructions properly. In the early stages of running 2.0 on unsupported phones, people sometimes would have their profile list the OS version as 9.9, and would be blocked from a lot of the apps, but if you follow the directions, you shouldn't have problems with it.

    As for the advantages of 2.0, there's several, and different people will say different things. I really love having voice dial. Frankly, it's a feature that dumb phones have had since probably 2002 and it's ridiculous that the Pre shipped without it. Stacks - the automatic grouping of cards - is a lot nicer than I was expecting. Also, the favorites screen on the phone app comes in handy, although most of the people I have there, I call often enough that they're always in my call history.

    There really aren't that many version 2 only apps out there, so your app selection won't really increase much. Another downside - you can't patch the launcher any more, so if, for example, you've patched to get more than 3 columns of icons in the launcher, you can't do that anymore. They have made the launcher more customizable, but nowhere near the flexibility that the homebrew community had made available with 1.4.5. The other downside is that, at least on my phone, it just isn't as fast as 1.x was. I regularly have problems with touches registering - the "raindrop" shows or the button shows it gets pressed - but nothing actually happens. I notice this particularly with the phone app - often times it will take several presses to get the keypress to register to delete a voicemail or hang up.

    I did a comm board swap and did the OS upgrade at the same time, so my impressions are comparing 1.4.5 on a Pre- to 2.1 on a Pre+. I'm not OCing the Pre+ at this time, so if you're planning on OCing, you'll probably get better performance. Even at stock speed, I feel the advantages to 2.1 are worth the upgrade. I suggest you try it. As long as you follow the instructions and turn off the backup, you won't have any problem switching back if you don't like it. (another advantage of 2.1 - anything you had installed from the app catalog will be re-installed after doctoring. 1.4.5 never did that for me.)
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    Thank you both for your awesome answers.

    I am new to the Pre+ having just bought one from Craigslist last week. I came from a Nokia N8 Symbian which I am now selling because the WebOS is just too awesome.

    I am not sure yet if I will go to 2.0 from 1.4.5. however I really, really appreciate your answers.

    Btw, I have an ATT Pre+ for my wife that I plan on unlocking and using at TMo on a Prepay card.

    I am now looking for a 2nd Pre+ for myself to use at ATT prepay. TMo does not work at my job.

    Anyone wanting to sale a used Pre+ please send me a PM.

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