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    Can someone tell me where I can enter a new APN code ?

    I just bought a Pre+ from craigslist. I am shocked at how much I love this phone. I did the ota update to 1.4.5.

    I have one problem though in that I cannot access ATT's 3G network. I see the 3G icon in the top right portion of the display.

    I can access webpages when at home and connected to wifi however when I am out the same webpages result in the "Unable to Load Page" message.

    I do not see anything relevant under preference while in the web browser app and device info.

    Can anyone help ?
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    Why would you want AT&Ts spotty network? lol. kidding. Go into your phone app and swipe down the menu on the top left. Go into preferences and accounts. Check and see if your data and everything is on.
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    lol. Thanks. I see how now.

    Data Usage is ON.

    I changed PN to:

    wap.cingular (also

    Is this correct ?

    Side note:

    I have been using my Nokia N8 on TMobile for almost a yer now. Its the only ohone on the market that does 3G/4G on all five bands.

    Anyway, I get a speakeasy test speed from Tmo at 1.5 to 3.7 Mbs depending on where I am. When I got this ATT card I was always approx 35% lower.

    Until, I found a location walking home where I got 8MBs from ATT. I almost fell down when I saw this.

    I cannot believe a company as large as Nokia can let a small company like Palm create something so far superior than Symbian.
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    Btw, I am using an ATT Prepay card.

    My Internet APN is now:


    My MMS APN is blanks.
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    Oh, so you dont actually have an AT&T plan? Im not really sure how that works then. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help with this. Sorry.
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    Can anyone help me with this ?
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    I don't think that's a ATT data problem I bought my pre+ from ebay and I wiped before I put in my sim card. And I'm guessing your using a gophone SIM? Do you have a data plan package?

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