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    I have a Sprint Pre that I let WebOSWorld "plus" for me a long time ago, and I have been considering sending it off to them again to upgrade it to 2.x. I haven't heard anything lately from folks who have tried it. Is it worth it? Do the Sprint apps still work, especially Sprint Navigation? I'm not willing to drop the money for a Pre2, but I might be willing to drop a few bucks to let them upgrade it, if it won't reduce the functionality of the phone any more than it already is. I use the Navigation all the time, but I could lean on my wife's Pixi if I it was one of the only negative things about the experience.
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    I have been running 2.1 on my Sprint Pre- for a long time. The biggest issues I have found is the media indexer bug, and the media permissions bug. The first is where webOS does not see any new media (pre-existing is OK) you put onto the device. The second bug is where all of your media (pre-existing and new) appears inaccessible. Other than those, it works mostly fine. I am overclocking with Uber-Kernel and made the default compcache a bit bigger.

    Are you comfortable with Preweare and/or homebrew applications? If you are, you can do everything you need yourself. Start here -

    webOS 2 Upgrade

    Note: You will have to take extra steps to get PRL updating and Sprint Navigation working again. All that can be found elsewhere on the 'Net.
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    I'm familiar with homebrewing and Preware, but I thought that the upgrade required a linux system to run the scripts. I suppose I could install Ubuntu on a spare harddrive, but I'm lazy and I might rather just send it off.
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    I have a pre plus in the mail and I plan to upgrade it to 2.1 like my pre- is now. So I'm thinkin it will run smoother then the pre- (fingers crossed)

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