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    I've noticed that my O2 Pre Plus has a load average of around 10 according to guvnor and will frequently get too hot to be handled which harms the battery life. While the load is high, running top doesn't show any applications holding up the cpu so I am wondering if it is I/O caused by a corrupt or faulty flash drive?

    If I wipe the Pre+ and re-enter my Palm Profile details, will all of my applications be downloaded again?


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    yea all your applications should download again, ive doctored my pre- twice now and each time my apps re download, if you want to save you app data (e.g saved games) then use and application called save/restore from preware
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    All apps from the hp catalog yes. For patches and homebrew use preware saved packet list in combination with save/restore.
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    Thanks. I'm going to have a go at wiping the device this morning as the battery now only last an hour and a half and the load average is 15.
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    Removing Twee and FreeTether seems to have fixed the load issue.
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    I wrote an article that information about Load Average and how it's affected by many things. Mostly voltage of your Pre but can be lots of things.

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