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    Sorry to post and run but I have to be in the East Bay in a few hours.

    I was switching out batteries this am (so I'll have a charged up one when I'm away from an electrical resource until early tomorrow morning) and noticed on my original (May 2010) VZW Palm Pre+ with a Skinomi screen protector and it's GRT Case from AG Findings, that I have in fact developed the "dreaded USB" crack! Ack! I've only dropped the phone a few times, and always with its case and the USB door is still on the phone but it likely happened as a result of one of the drops so would not likely qualify for a replacement under warranty.

    My situation. I'm not eligible until January 2012 for an upgrade. I did however purchase a nearly new VZW Palm Pre+ (used) from eBay back before some of the new products started coming out. Actually, I've had it nearly as long as the original because it occured to me that something like this (or worse!) might happen to the phone before I was eligible for an upgrade and I loved/love it so much that I didn't want to have to go to another model.

    Knowing that I'll have to replace the screen protector how do I go about swapping out the cracked phone for the backup used Palm Pre+? Please don't bust my chops here for not looking up all of the delightful steps prior to posting but I'm gone until tomorrow afternoon so won't really be able to deal with this until then and I'd like to be swapped and functional if humanly possible before I go to work on Monday.

    This place has been awesome for assistance and one of the reasons I plan to stay with HP/Palm and get a Pre3 or whatever WebOS model phone might be out when I'm eligible in January.

    Off to do laundry, dishes, shower so I can scoot but will check before I dash away.

    Humbly requesting the PreCentral "peeps" expert support! Thanks in advance.
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    I heard that there was a way to stop the crack from progressing further, but I dont know how it was done.
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    I think I posted that. Run a search and post again if you can't find it under my user name.
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    the skinomi screen guard seems to actually help to keep the crack in check, but also drilling at the end can also stop it. But unless it is reaching up past the round edge and heading toward the digitizer, it isn't going to hurt anything.

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