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    5 Best Cell Phones Doomed to be Collectible - Yahoo! Shopping

    #3 : Palm Pre

    Back before the smartphone market was narrowed down to two choices -- Apple or Android -- there was a phone company that sold a very compelling device beloved by professionals and consumers alike.

    The Palm Pre matched Apple and Android in touchscreen prowess and also included a slide-out keyboard.

    Sadly, Palm didn't have the financial firepower to promote the phone heavily and stoke the fires of application development like its more resource-rich rivals. Palm also didn't keep the Pre fresh. And when telcos like Verizon started cutting back on orders in favor of Droids, the Palm Pre faded from view.

    Eventually, HP acquired Palm, but the integration took a long time, leaving the Pre suspended from the market.

    The Palm Pre is listed as out of stock on HP's Web site, but Verizon still offers it for $100 with a two-year contract -- your last chance to start your own Palm Pre collectors' club.
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    I am still hanging on. For now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobKy View Post

    Eventually, HP acquired Palm, but the integration took a long time, leaving the Pre suspended from the market.
    Less than a year to integrate an entire companies operations is actually impressively fast in business terms. Most places that get bought out like that you don't expect to hear from them against for several years.
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    Yep! not surprise it made the list.
    - Sent from my HTC Evo 3D
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    I wonder if the broken Pre's I have will still be collectibles?
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    what does this mean for the pre 2 &3.
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    They missed the Treo 650, best smartphone ever. Way ahead on time.
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    yes, I was going to mention the Treo 650. It really stood out in its day. Heck, it did things that my TouchPad and Pre 2 still don't do, like document editing, right out of the box.
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    Pre Minus alive and well running 2.1 overclocked to 500/1000. My Pre can still do stuff new phones coming out can't match (outside of the hardware of course).
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    a 67 mustang is collectible too.....not necessarily a bad thing.
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    If my Treo 680 had 3G or wifi and could do two things at once, then I'd still be using it now. Still has the best PIM applications, much better than those on the iPhone and webOS and did everything I needed for work.

    I have to carry a netbook now as a companion to my Pre+.

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