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    had Govna at 600, and all of a sudden phone locks on mute??
    Did a hard start with bat removal, and a power restart, with no results!!
    I use my phone all the time, and it has been great all these years!!
    my problem is without volume I have to rely on vibrate, which isn't practical when sleeping or charging away from charger.
    Please help!!
    Also this phone is still pristine
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    sounds like your volume button broke? Did you open the Sounds&Ringtones ap to manually turn up the volume settings?
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    yes I did and the sound levelels still work fine
    somehow I'm locked into mute??
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    what do you mean by "mute" if you have sound?
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    when I try and use the volume rocker it gives me the mute symbol!
    my in-coming calls and e-mails are stuck on vibrate notification
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    Sounds like you need to flip the ringer switch back on... it's next to the power button on top...
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    seems I'm still a noob after 2 yrs!!
    Just trying to keep the phone as long as possable till the 3! Hahahahaha
    thanks again I never knew I even touched it!LOL
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    If all such problems were so simple to solve!!!
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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