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    I use to use Dr. Podder every day with zero problems. Then outta the blue it keeps shutting off every 2-7 minutes. I push play and it starts up again most the time. At some point it will just say the file is corrupt and I need to restart my phone to get it working again.

    At one point I downloaded another podcast app and basically the same problems.

    I have had 4 phones in the last month and it has done it on every single one. Possibly this is an error in my Palm Profile that keeps returning when I update these new phones?

    Any ideas on how I can go about fixing this? Android?

    Ps. I am fed up with Palm. I have been putting up with the sheit for 2yrs. Slow phone, crap hardware, no new phone on Sprint and now I can't listen to podcasts. I'm about to flip out.
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    I have been experiencing very similar circumstances with my Sprint Pre. I get the following error,

    "There was a problem playing the file. An error has occurred while attempting to play the episode. The episode is either corrupt or an unsupported format (ex: m4p, ogg, flac)."

    This is happening almost every podcast I attempt to play. Then randomly it works and plays the podcast. Usually after a reset or playing with the data on/off toggle.


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