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    Hi! I'm new here... Well, not really. I joined a few years ago but now just finally got a webos device. I just recently bought a pretty-much new Palm Pre plus off of a friend who got rid of Verizon Wireless... I plan on using it as my iPod touch essentially, because mine broke, but I needed to get past the profile creation because it requires data, which I happen not to have it on. So I bypassed it using the official bypass tool, without a hitch. Everything on this phone is awesome! But, not I can't go on the store or do anything, so I found that I had not fixed anything really.

    I have heard that you can run the firstlaunch app again once you have connected to a wifi network and it should allow the account to be created for it and everything be alright, but there's very little help online in order to do so...

    I have webos quickinstall, the latest version I believe, and webos doctor and all of the drivers, but I have no idea on how to just use it to launch firstlaunch and be all set. I'd like it to be easy, but I assume it won't be. :-/

    Thanks if you can be of any help.

    I think I read somewhere on these forums that I can change a string of text in a system file that has the username and password and security question on it, reboot, and it's applied, but I lost that page... (My computer died when I had like 12 tabs open of this site, trying to figure it out...) :-/

    Would be nice...

    EDIT> Or, nevermind... I'll just reset it completely and set it up with a Page Plus account with data so I don't have issues... If I like it more than my current phone I may drop my current carrier... :-/
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