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    my wife's phone keeps getting an error message immediately after sending a message from her Sprint Pre- (1.45). It simply states ERROR SENDING, and doesnt show an error code or something like that. Activating WIFI did not resolve anything, and I read in other threads that YAHOO and wifi dont sync well.

    I deleted the account, readded it by simply entering the email address. Same error.
    I deleted the account, tried to readd it by choosing manual settings. Upon clicking on SIGNIN I got an error stating that the Sent folder could not be found, etc.

    I updated Network settings in the phone submenu, and added the account using the non-manual way. I emailed myself a message from her account, and it went. However, the Sent folder took forever to update despite hitting refresh a lot of times and having good EV signal.

    Anyone else having issues with yahoo mail? Or did someone experience this and you resolved it? How?

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    I've been having issues with Y! mail for a few weeks. It works best on WiFi, but periodically on the Sprint network. I still haven't been able to figure out the ssue, but Sprint's phone support is convinced it is an issue with my phone and told me to take it to a repair store.
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    I also have been encountering issues with yahoo. My sprint pre is no longer able to retrieve messages at the set intervals, and now having issues sending mail.....something I've never had in the past. No sure if it's the phone or a yahoo issue, but guessing yahoo's side since I've read others having issues in the past few weeks as well.
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    This issue has been brought up many times before. It's an issue with Yahoo(AT&T) and lots of people have experienced it. It seems to have started when AT&T took over SBC/Yahoo (that's when I started getting the issue) and it's been experienced on all sorts of devices.
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    This may not be related but when that happened to me, I just had to update my login settings.

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