I know this seems like sacrilege, with the Touchpad hitting the market, but, for a number of business and personal reasons, I elected to go with the iPad for my first tablet.

For economical reasons, I went with the iPad 1, but the downside is, no front facing camera, which I had wanted to use for Skype. There is a work-around in the jailbreak community, that allows you to use the iPhone as your camera, installing a program on each device, so you can use BT for the iPhone camera to show on the iPad.

That said, I do NOT have an iPhone, nor is it in the cards. But, I know that Palm had originally written WebOS to fool iTunes into seeing the Pre as an iPhone. Is there an app out there that might do the same to the iPad, so I could use my Pre as a webcam?

Before anyone suggests it, there literally are NO webcam products for the iPad. With all the other tech that has come out, the most they have done is create a camera connector to offload pics. Also, returning or selling it and buying a Touchpad or an iPad 2 is not an option either.

So... any ideas?